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Why Did Goo Hara Attempt Suicide?

#Hara (former member of #Kara) was found unconscious in her apartment on 190526. Why would such a pretty, famous #Kpop idol attempt such an extreme decision?

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26 Responses

  1. Alex The Fangirl

    I wonder if she took her own life the same way she attempted suicide a few months before by overdosing? Even though they didn't admit how she did it and maybe it isn't too important, it is still so sad she did this, especially a month after her best friend Sulli killed herself. I just wanna know how she did it only because we knew how Jonghyun and Sulli did it. Just why is this world so cruel and why do people not get the help they need? It is very very sad to me as someone who goes through depression as well.

  2. Jungkooks banana Milk

    She has now gone to a better place, where there is no more stress only love
    Rest In Peace our little angel Goo Hara x 🥺💜😇

  3. Super saiyan Snack

    WHAT I just found this out I was wondering what happened to her she was one of my favorites in Kara and by herself solo she was amazing damn man R.i.p

  4. Daily animation

    Ok so apparently Sulli (another kpop star) and hara were really good friends and once Sulli committed suicide and hara (a theorie) also committed suicide from all the stress with Sulli on the side

  5. Афоня Кулсторибобович

    Hate comments usually don’t lead to committing suicide. They are pop stars for a long time and already handle the haters in a very easy way. There must have been smth we don’t know. The media corporations and producers are creating a certain image of a star that doesn’t reflect the reality. So you can’t actually know what person are they in reality

  6. Jyeon Park

    The big problem in kpop is they have weak hearts. They should always look on bight sides not on negative one. I cant imagine my IDOLS will face a tragic like this. I hope they always happy. I hope everybody find their own happiness and not to look/mind others. I hope everyone will surpass what tragic theyre facing rn. 💕

  7. BTS Dude

    Kpop idols are fucking humans. They aren't made of stone. Imagine if people were making you feel so small and so so stressed how would you deal with that. Now sulli, kpop idols aren't dolls to be thrown around and broken. Treat them like human beings. ): I miss sulli…hara must be in hell…poor hara 😥

  8. Dia Li

    I loved her ( and I still do ).
    But maybe it also could be al of them and one other thing, her bestfriend Sulli did suicide a month before Hara her dead. Maybe it was to painful to not see her sister ( I know they are not but they were bestfriends for life).

    I know that the girls and the other Singers that did suïcide are looking down and see us crying about them.

    I know it was hard for them to talk about it, but maybe If they did ,some of them could survive.

    I love you Hara and Sulli and also the other K-Pop members that did suïcide.

  9. Rose Castillo

    Why many person is bullying ☹☹☹☹☹ because of them many is going to suicide😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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