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Surface Book 2 Review – The Most Powerful 2 in 1 Laptop!

Dave2D review of the new Microsoft Surface Book 2. The best laptop and tablet 2-in-1 of 2017!
13″ Surface Book 2 –
15″ Surface Book 2 –

Microsoft’s new Surface Book 2 laptop/tablet is a great looking hybrid device with the perfect hardware for power hungry consumer. The surface book 2 can be purchased with an i7 Intel Core processor, GTX 1050 or GTX 1060, 267 PPI PixelSense Display, 17 hour battery life and up to 16GB of RAM. The flexibility of the laptop and tablet mode can come in handy for many situations and can be the perfect solution for students looking for a lightweight, strong 2 in 1. The lack of a thunderbolt 3 port does limit it’s ability to connect to external GPU’s and multiple 4k displays.

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42 Responses

  1. Dave Lee

    Really solid device from Microsoft this year. A bit on the pricey side but an excellent option for the right user. Thanks for watching!
    p.s – One of the graphs has a mislabeled CPU. It should be a i7-8650U

  2. Nikhil Paleti

    This is irrational pricing? Wtf Dave?
    You want over MacBooks with a millionth the utility of this! They cost more than this! Absolutely not overpriced for the product that it is.
    Yes, price to performance, not king. No chance

  3. Maninderjit Ghotra

    Thermals also depend on use. Did you try to use OneNote while charging it. This thing gets scalding hot.

  4. Massi Khaksar

    I'm watching this video in order to distinguish between the first gen and this. Currently, the first gen is about 700 on ebay (brand new). Any thoughts? Is it worth it in 2020??

  5. Laura Campagna

    What if I want to buy the Surface Book 1 with 16GB RAM and Core i7 on 2020. Would you recommend it? I have a budget of US$1,000.

  6. NGUYEN CHUAN Nguyen

    I cant complain. Battery perfect. Surface pen perfect.😟😟>JustU.Faith/SurfaceBook?専 Undock is only active if computer is at a certain battery level, so no accidental tablet mode. I think I'm in love. Just beware if your cord picks up a crumb off the floor it wont charge until its fully magnetized. Charger needs work. Love the laptop to death.

  7. iiElysium x

    devices like this are the future fr sure, a full-fledged laptop that can be transformed into a tablet

    I feel as though eventually tablets will just become part of both laptops and phones,

  8. The Lord Of Cubing.

    I actually use the split 2 from hp
    Its almost the same as the surface book
    Trust me these laptops have serious heat issues
    Like I'm just browsing the Web and it's already 80 degrees Celsius
    Play some game on it and you can toast bread on it😂

  9. WizardBlobMovies1234

    I think the reason they didn't include Thunderbolt 3 is because it would have made the whole laptop harder to design. They would have to make a way for INSANE bandwidth between the base where the port would be located and the tablet where the CPU is, and it would be a very difficult connection to design while still making it durable. Just my two cents.

  10. Robert Chen

    I have to point out, Thinkpad made the detachable laptop under the 21th century standard first, check X1 Helix. That is even 2.5 years ahead of Surface book performance base version

  11. Luna Rose

    Considering this for university ( I'd like to use it for art and gaming and love the specs) Can anyone recommend a similar laptop that doesn't have a detachable tablet? The 2 in 1 aspect won't be used as often by me but I'd still like to use the stylus

  12. Steve Lam

    I personally don't encourage Microsoft Surface Book 2. I got one and have issue with the battery life when it was detached to tablet mode, despite 2 times of replacement. Basically, it drained from 100% and jump to 95%, which bypass 99% to 96%. Microsoft technical support tried to remote into the laptops (which included the replaced ones) with lot of troubleshooting and Windows updates but unable to solve the issue. People who own it, can do a check and please take note it happened only when it is in tablet mode. Please let me know if you don't have this issue or already figure it out how to solve it. I'm currently in the midst of getting back my refund.


    I just got a 13” i7 Gen 8 processor 16GB RAM 512SSD for $1.5k I use it for both work and gaming. The problems I have with it thus far: Fan speed is noisy when playing intensive games, so I avoid playing demanding games like say Divinity 2 on it. Don’t get me wrong, it runs Ultra Graphics, but its super noisy and I’m afraid of it overheating. Now in terms of professional use, it’s not rendering Clip Studio Paint edits at 8000 by 12000 quickly, which is fair. But I’m having palm rejection issues with the Surface Book 2 and Surface Pen. Not sure if it’s the pen’s fault or the hybrid laptop tablet. When you detach the tablet from the keyboard, you completey lose access to your desktop shortcuts. So you will need to pin to start or pin to taskbar apps that you use. Despite all of these, I still love it more than my iPad Pro (yep the 2020 one) for how versatile it is. Although drawing on the iPad with the Apple Pencil is fucking amazing and the iPad has some ungodly processing speed that’s great for editing work. But I want to play Steam games as well.

  14. Sam D'Cruz

    ive had one of these for over a year… it workes fine. however the build quality is terrible. they covered the whole thing in some kind of thick grey laquer / paint (why they didnt just use the raw aluminum like apple does i dont kmow)… but as u use the machine or move it around. this laquer / paint chips off super easily… especially all along the edges but also in the middle aswell if its bumped at all. it ends looking very rough very fast. doesnt affect performance… but a very strange and dumb deceision by whoever came up with this idea.

    also the lid closing after a while doesnt line up and doesnt shut fully on 1 side (3mm gap left on right side)

    also for this price… these issues should not be there.

  15. Zecr Samanadro

    Just a thing about the Thunderbolt 3. It isn't that they didn't want to include it. It is that they couldn't include it. The CPU is in the top portion and if they added Thunderbolt 3 then it would mean that the surface connecter between the two halves would need ridiculously fast transfer speeds as the connector is already simultaneously carrying keyboard, trackpad, GPU, the 2 USB ports, and power between the halves. To add another 40Gbps of bandwidth would require an entire redesign of the surface connector.

  16. Norberto Castro

    I got the 15" version, and its the best portable computer i ever had. For more demanding tasks its allways better a descktop anyways so.. great computer but it really is too expensive..

  17. Jay Patil

    I have a great and detailed review on surface laptop 3. Check it out here👇👇👇

  18. TechOutside

    Selling Microsoft Surface Book!!! It's in great working condition and has little to no wear. Check it out before you miss this great deal at

  19. Manuel Meza

    would this be a good option for video editing? noting crazy…more like some 4k and mostly 1080p stuff. vacation videos and stuff like that

  20. Olayinka Olatunde

    Hi Dave Lee, have you been able to get full hands on the 15 inch version? How's the throttling? Fan noise?

    I need a nice lightweight portable and powerful gaming pc, is this recommended for gaming?
    If not which do you recommend?

    Please don't mention Razer, reviews online shows they have really bad Supoort, so I dont want to end up buying something that expensive and not have good support cause their machines tend to have hardware issues alot. Really sad.

  21. raphael leon

    I would have chosen this lappy since I've always wanted a lappy with a touchscreen feature with a respectable gpu and cpu for what I do (3d modelling, rendering, and photo editting, and a bit of gaming) but having to find out that this laptop cannot be upgraded and cannot be opened internally should you have any problems with it in the future assuming you bought yourself one. I mean you can but you will need some techy tools in order for you to open it, ram is soldered and you're either capped to 8gb of ram or 16 gb of ram (and no there's no second stick of ram, just one) depends really on the configuration you chose. If you were able to open it (a pain in the ass tbh), you can only upgrade your ssd, if you will need a bigger storage.

    In a nutshell, if you're a student like me with the intent of upgrading a laptop in the future, perhaps you're better off with a different laptop. It really is a shame this lappy is my favorite, apart from its relatively expensive price, upgradeability is something this laptop lacks hence why I went with alienware.

    1.) Long Battery Life
    2.) Touch Screen Feature
    3.) Respectable cpu and gpu (if it is the 15" version)
    4.) Versatility
    5.) The Laptop is White or space gray.
    6.) Battery will last you the entire day
    7.) Resolution

    1.) Exorbitantly expensive
    2.) If you reside in certain countries, you won't be able to get customer care from Microsoft should there be any problems with the product.
    3.) No thunderbolt 3 – you can't connect external gpu
    4.) Upgradeability is not an option for this lappy.
    5.) The battery drains when you do something graphically intense, especially with the size of your power adaptor.
    6.) In addition to its lack of upgradeability, the laptop can be opened but you will need some tools.

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