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Steamed Rice Cakes and Pork Roll (Banh Day/Giay)

Deliciously sticky and chewy rice cakes served with thick slices of savory steamed pork roll. These tasty snack cakes are easy to make and sure to become everyone’s favorite treat!

Written recipe:

Tools used in this video:

Round Cookie Cutter Set

Pyrex Smart Essentials 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Update international Cross-Wire Grid Cooling Rack

J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Classic 7-inch Hollow Edge Santoku Knife



1 lb glutinous rice flour (approximately 3 3/4 cups)
2 Tbsp rice flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 Tbsp vegetable oil
1 3/4 cups + 2 Tbsp water
16-3″ banana leaf circles
1 Tbsp vegetable oil for coating the banana leaves
2 lbs Steamed Pork Roll (Cha Lua/Gio Lua)

Yields: 8 sandwiches

Nguyên liệu:

450 g bột nếp
2 m. canh bột gạo
½ m. cà phê muối
2 m. canh dầu ăn
420 ml + 2 m. canh nước
16 miếng lá chuối, 8 cm tròn
1 m. canh dầu ăn để thoa lên lá chuối
900 g Cha Lua/Gio Lua

Làm được 8 bánh


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46 Responses

  1. cjb t

    Hi Trang, did you use a whole pack of 500g glutinous rice flour? I used the equivalent of 1 pound which is 453g but it seems way more wetter than your dough. Thanks!

  2. Quang Thang Tran

    There is a well-known chain of bakery shops in Vietnam today named "Bánh mỳ Hà Nội". They sell this cake, it is clean and delicious, I often use it instead of breakfast.

  3. nguyen kimthanh

    bánh daỳ giả lam̀ từ bột nếp ra không có trắng như bánh dày truyền thống, nấu xôi rồi giã. thì bánh trắng tinh.

  4. ha nguyen

    cách hấp bánh của chị rất thông minh ạ. e rất thích cách chị nấu ăn, mọi cái rất đơn giản ạ

  5. Sport addict

    I make my own rice flour at home but when I try to make rice cake or dango it wont work 😠 It's not chewy it's more like it's not fully cooked from the inside . I've tried to boil em but it's always the same problem 😡😧
    p.s I've used the store rice flour it wont work too. help me 😵

  6. Stephanie Hou

    My grandma used to make a version with filling inside of the cake, usually with dried shrimp and chayote. I'm trying to figure out what that dish is called. I'm not sure if it's a vietnamese dish since she lived in Laos, but it looks very similar to yours, minus the pork and second cake. Have you ever made one with filling inside? Would the steaming process be the same?

  7. Thanh Nguyen

    Bravo! Your instruction is very clear, no more no less , exact what we need . Thank you for your excellent lessons.

  8. Tina Dinh

    Hi Trang! Can't wait to try this recipe for my sister's birthday party.. What do you do with all the food? This recipe is great for a party!

  9. Toritori

    Can you make a video for fried dough next? It's bột chiên i think you definitely know it. I think it would be a nice vegetarian dish for breakfast or snacks. Thank you and great video as usual by the way.

  10. Jackie Chau

    Hi Chi Trang, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful, delicious and innovative recipes with us! I'm so happy to have found your channel. I've already made some of your recipes and they are delicious.

  11. Mai Nguyen

    Thanks for making this video, I tried other recipes where you boiled the dough but they came out too sticky. Will try steaming them instead, the texture on yours looks perfect!

  12. Julie Lai

    Use any savory meat or food as an alternative to the steamed pork roll, but eat this dish with salt and pepper for the best taste

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