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Malaysia starts partial lockdown, sends shockwaves through Singapore

Malaysia implemented a two-week partial lockdown today as coronavirus cases in the country spiked to the highest in Southeast Asia. Churches and all businesses except for grocery stores have been closed. The country has also shut its borders to travelers and is restricting internal movement.

Malaysia’s lockdown has sent shockwaves through neighboring Singapore. Miro Lu tells us more.

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36 Responses

  1. Rina Chiam

    They are more afraid convid19 then Allah SWT even 1000000000x u lockdown if u want to get this virus u will get why Singapore government can do think abt their citizens why not Malaysia….

  2. Aruna Amandira

    Indonesia government doesn't want to lockdown the country because it will effect the economy. Many people will die of starvation instead of corona, because most of them have to work daily in order to get money for tomorrow.

  3. Lam Par

    Out of option now, have to prepare staying in Singapore for a long haul until an unknown period. Can not travel between JB and Sing. daily from today onward.

  4. Hans Solo

    Wow….the female reporter's chinglish is very strong. Girl, relax when u speak english. U dont need to "swallow" every word. Chill and speak normally.

  5. Chucha Chucha

    My English is weak. But try to understand

    My Prophet (S.A.W) says
    Every recovery from illness sickness except death is in honey, kloonji (black seed. Black caraway) in olives. In fig.
    Water of zam zam is also good for health.
    Madina munawra clay also holy.
    Islam history have a incidents about it.
    The holy book of quran recites is good for health especially surah RAHMAN.

    Chaina scientists please do treatment to your patients with this. With fully trusted on GOD. May Allah blessed all humanity.
    Inshallah it will b work. Also do with medical.
    Sunshine is sooo good for checst infected patients.

    Please a humble request . Please please made any veccin by black seed, honey, olive, fig.

    Because my God is say . He doesn't make any disease without without its recovery.

  6. dayy logg

    There are many political rallies being held and planned for in the month of March, 2020 by the ousted PH political parties throughout Malaysia. The backdoor government see a potential uprising and revolution coming their way. In order to prevent a potential civil unrest, they immediately implement a movement lockdown until the end of the month under the pretext of curbing covid-19 spread.

  7. John Doe

    Malaysians don't need to limit the purchase of toilet paper because toilet paper is not in high demand in Malaysia. 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Ian H.

    China, it’s okay to have a government-created tragedy within your own borders like a Great Famine or Cultural Devolution.

    But when you export a virus to 155 countries and counting, then your political party is a menace, a global criminal.

  9. Gary Holden

    The world needs to come together after millions of lost lives and massive disruption to our planet, against the CCP and any of its supporters.

    Dictator Xi deserves a hanging, along with his supporters.

    Free mainland China.

  10. n

    Good virus control measures from
    Malaysia PM Muhyiddin as followed the decree by Sultan (King). The king step out as a ruler to perform what is necessary. Malaysia has long history of Sultan ruling and managing the country well,,no doubt this era would be the same where the Sultan pass order to the PM.

    It's a good time to amend Malaysia Federation constitutional law to allow yang di per tuan A-gong Sultan or royal family the full power right to involved or invoke into country and palimentary matters with good decision making. The current king is the destinated man that can save and improve Malaysia.In Malaysian ancient history,all along the king always manages country well ,so does this era of king also.

    Why Very Big changes going on ? It means the god has the arrangement to order things to happen at the right time when came to light. You know what is the difference ? This king is send by the god the save the country. The PM is arranged by the messenger of God. Whoever go against them, against the god and the god will let them have the power fight back those who against them like the god do.

    The King of humanity, the God of humanity." (QR- 114:2)

    "Blessed is He for whom sovereignty is in His hand." And thus He is the "True King" who has "sovereignty of the heavens and the Earth".(QR- 67:1)

    They are really serious and responsible for country matters,cannot joke around with them this time round.

  11. lazii man

    This is just like in China when first spreading out in Chinese Lunar New Year. People went to all over the places and rest of the world.

  12. samantha mason

    I don't believe it they don't shut people down for two people dying of a coronavirus that don't existence probably the flu

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