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42 Responses


    götür beni aya jackson çok güzel planlarım var ikimizle ilgili merak etme çok güzel olacak her şey

  2. Stefany Arevalo

    Ahgafam is powerful, let's think about our boys to continue fighting for them. they are our Romeo let's give Juliet's love. our story will not end tragically as it did not swear by the moon we will by GOT7

  3. wadabbboom Thcncmai

    Please keep spinning don’t give up this grate song it wonderful . They hard work for this come back . Fighting ahgase ^^

  4. bineza zapanta

    my favorite song and mv of 2020 (yet) insert green hearts!
    i rewatched their winning moments.
    wahh naiyak ako… hehe!
    fighting ahgases!

  5. rosmeri nuñez

    Mejor MV del 2020
    Mejor Coreografia kpop 2020
    Mejores vocales kpop 2020
    Mejor presentacion kpop 2020
    listo denles todos los premios es lo mejor que e visto

  6. Katie

    Every single time GOT7 come out with a new song, I think it's their best song and they couldn't possibly top it. And yet, without fail, they do. They're amazing. I wish I'd been around for the start of their career, but I'm super happy to be here supporting them now!

  7. annyeonghaseyo jeon jungkook imnida Hesapon

    Niye soları kattınızki yoruma yançbancı ahgaseler kadın 4 günde 4 milyon olmuş pardon 5 olmuş

  8. Eya

    Gah I love the focus on Mark here, he's so charismatic and handsome! Our oldest member never seems to age! Rapping is also cool AF like always. Did I say handsome already? Because my G you really freaking are. And it's tripled especially in this MV, JB and Mark was made for this era. I swear not by the moon! (1:42)

    Also Bambam the fashionista man, he's just on a different level! He's gotten so cool and charming. I always crave this aura of his. And I can't explain it well, but the tone of his voice is so unique. I can always distinguish it! Let me also just say he's so rocking that hairstyle and color! (0:36)

    AND wtf yo Youngjae with those damn vocals. Always so refreshing, and always gets me (chills! y'all get me right?) Like this guy is also super cute in different angles and lighting! Fight me if you say otherwise! He's the epitome of JYP's artists, half air half sound amirite hehehe (2:07)

    Leader Lim I'm gonna cry, he looks so freaking good here! Literally ethereal! His visuals are insane and on another level! And that angelic voice, what a contrast to his very masculine face. The outfit looks so good on him and his hair! Why did he only grow out his hair now??? I want that hair on him 7ever <3 (2:48)

    I know I keep using the word charming but gee Yugyeom's charm is unreal. He looks like a vampire and a prince at the same time, I really don't know how to feel. And his vocals! Youngjae watch out a little lol lol His facial expressions should be the standard, always right on. And can I just ask y'all, when did our maknae become so sexy? Who gave him permission??? (1:06)

    My question for this guy is how tf is it possible to be cute and scary at the same time? Jinyoung you.are.unreal. How can you express emotions through your eyes alone? You can be dead silent and I'll still get chills with your mere glare. Visuals are perfect, vocals crystal CLEAR, and that jaw. You should've been called Triple V not JR. (0:22)

    Wang Jackson man, a true WANG! Your vocals man, you don't know how much and how hard I prayed to hear more of your singing voice. It's not too low or too high, it's literally just RIGHT (p.e.r.f.e.c.t) and so calming. I'm so happy I can finally sing along with your lines. Also, I'm not even gonna comment on your looks bc man you already know you're cute AF (0:54)

  9. Ahgaselove G7

    So whoever love this title and haven't listened to whole album , trust me you are missing a very good thing !this whole album is best

  10. Matilde Tavares

    I just wish that they know how much they are talented and loved.

    i don't care about the views THEY ARE AMAZING, TALENTED, INCREDIBLE and more. Got7 are kings and if society doesn't know that i feel bad for it.

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