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Google Chromecast Ultra Review – Compared to Chromecast – 4k for double the price

Buy one – (affiliate link). The Chromecast Ultra adds 4k and HDR for higher end televisions but no other new features for double the price. See more on Chromecast: and subscribe!

00:05 – Comparison to the existing Chromecast
01:08 – Hardware overview
01:56 – Wireless AC and ethernet option in the AC adapter
02:40 – How the Chromecast works
03:32 – 4k and HDR performance
04:30 – Game streaming and lag / latency test
05:32 – Configuration
06:36 – Conclusion and final thoughts

First things first – If you don’t have a 4k television you don’t need the Chromecast Ultra. The original $35 Chromecast will work fine and is a much better value.

That said, the only thing this device really offers for double the price is 4k and HDR for higher end televisions. Otherwise it mirrors the features on the original Chromecast. This version does include an ethernet connectivity option in the box (it’s built into the power adapter) but that is also available as a $15 add-on to the original Chromecast.

I did notice that the screen mirroring latency was a little better in this version as compared to the original. But the connectivity (even with wireless AC) wasn’t reliable enough to recommend it as a way of streaming games to a television from a mobile device.

I think a $50/$55 price tag would have been much more reasonable than the $69 Google is offering it at.

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33 Responses

  1. Ilia Pavlenkov

    Does ultra version has the same big delays while streaming video from PC or Mobile? I mean cases when chromecast can't get video directly from the Internet.

  2. michael fisk

    I have Dolby Atmos devices for my home theater" : LG 4K TV, Yamaha Receiver, Klipsch 5.1.2 speaker system (waiting on Apple TV tvOS 12) Will Chromecast stream the Dolby audio format properly?

  3. MrApplewine

    Is the Chromecast Ultra super buggy like the original Chromecast? I bought that one and it was almost unusable and totally frustrating. It was not a wifi signal problem. It just kept crashing all the time. I have wifi connection two feet away from the chromecast.

  4. pilotbum

    Lon, what would be better for streaming to the Chromecast, wireless AC or wired via a powerline network? Trying to determine if it's worth investing in a powerline network or if my synology RT2600AC router will be faster. It's hard to find conclusive information comparing the two. Thanks.

  5. james 1966

    There is a problem is no one is talking about the Audio as the 5.1 Audio is only compatible to certain TVs as my 2014 4K Samsung it was not. When I hooked it up to this TV you will get a 4K image but only Stereo Audio. Then I hooked it up to my 4K receiver I got 5.1 Sound but then the picture was only 1080P as I don't know why as my Ultra Blu-ray player works fine on it. The reason I got this as I have a Google Home Mini and it was a device that could take advantage of the Mini

  6. timaz mohsenzadeh

    Hi Lon! I have an Ipad Air. what features on iPad Air can I use with Chromecast? I think there is no screen mirroring. so what else can be done? for example, Can I use Youtube or cast my whole browser screen (on my iPad) to the Chromecast? It would be great to publish a short movie about this. the title would be "using Ipad with Chromecast, what can be done". tnx.

  7. Clinton W Salvato

    I picked up a Chromecast Ultra today . Main reason being it[s the cheapest device that supports the new HDR format YouTube has started offering in the last year . Support is still very limited and most devices that support it are more expensive, or it's hit or miss whether or not the TV's built in YouTube app has support. Simply supporting Youtube 4k isn't enough . The HDR feature uses a specific codec a lot of devices don't support currently .

  8. Mic Mica

    This shit will Not connect to a PC. Google does Not give a telephone technical support and gives you wrong instructions. Chromecast extensions do Not exist anymore on windows 7 and 10.

  9. Rysx

    With the advent of the cheap non smart 4k TVs you can pick up at Costco (Haier) and other retailers, this Chromecast is incredible value. Who needs an LG OLED in their garage?

  10. Henry Guevara

    Hi Lon, I have a question for you, have you ever tried to use the AC ethernet adapter(the one that comes on the Chromecast Ultra) on a Firestick TV ? Do you know if doing this improve the connectivity speed or somehow have a faster connection?

  11. Fred Flintstone

    I am sure they wanted to keep the price down lon, but it takes a heck of a lot stronger hardware to push 4k than 1080 and im sure you know that. Its still by far the cheapest 4k HDR streaming player at 70 bucks, i think you should have mentioned that.

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