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Game of Thrones – Full Season 1 Walkthrough 60FPS HD – Telltale Game Series

Whole Season 1 of Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series Gameplay HD Walkthrough Playthrough in HD quality 1080p 60fps. [No Commentary]
Walkthrough by Ryan (SpottinGames) on the PC in 1080p 60FPS.
Episode 1 – Iron From Ice: 00:09
Episode 2 – The Lost Lords: 1:59:45
Episode 3 – The Sword in the Darkness: 3:49:56
Episode 4 – Sons of Winter: 5:48:08
Episode 5 – A Nest of Vipers: 7:53:50
Episode 6 – The Ice Dragon: 9:19:22

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Telltale’s Game of Thrones:
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30 Responses

  1. Nicolas Cornille

    I find that Game of Thrones: The telltale series should be improved by adding another Forrester, about 20 years old, named Sokka who would be the third son of Gregor and Elissa in place of Ethan (who would therefore be the fourth and Ryon the fifth) and who would be sent by his mother to the Stark house to serve her because we are supposed to see the Stark in this game. And Arya and Bran would trust him (as Sera and Tom do for Mira and Beshka for Asher).

    And by controlling it, it would happen to him with each episode what happens with Gared, Asher and Mira. That is to say: in episode 1, as he learned of the death of Gregor, that of Ethan caused by Ramsay Snow and the kidnapping of Ryon by the Whitehill by a message from Elissa, he would ask Sansa and sometimes also to Arya and Bran (as Mira asks Lady Margaery, Cersei, Sera and Tom) to help him find a way to save his family and she would forgive him if he accomplished a risky task as Daenerys gives one to Asher.

    In episode 2 a guy who would look for Sokka and who would want his death (like Britt with Gared) but as he would risk losing by defending himself, he would be saved by Arya (as Tom does for Mira when she is attacked by Daniel ). Except that she would kill him and Sokka would explain the reason for his death to Queen Sansa Stark.

    In episode 3, Roose Bolton, his soldiers and Torrhen Whitehill (a son of Ludd who serves Roose Bolton) would come to greet Sansa and meet Sokka as Lord Andros and Morgryn do with Mira in Port-Real and it would happen as the meeting Ethan with Ramsay except that there would be neither death, nor kidnapping and Roose would propose a market to Sansa: a fight between Sokka and Torrhen and the Stark would ally themselves at the house of the winner.

    And this fight would take place after Sokka had accomplished his risky mission in episode 4 and Sansa would agree to help him for his family by giving him an army if he defeated Torrhen in episode 5.

    And in episode 6, as he would learn from Sera that Mira was about to be executed and that, in addition, Elissa would send her a message telling her to return to Ironrath, we would have the choice between going to Port-Real to save Mira (whether or not we choose to marry Morgryn) or go directly to Ironrath to find Rodrik or Asher and the others. And if we choose to save Mira because Sokka would win an army by succeeding in his dangerous mission in episode 4 and by winning his fight against Torrhen and by deciding or not to kill him in episode 5, he and his men would have swords , shields and bows and Sokka would shoot an arrow at the man who was about to cut the head of Mira or Tom and he would intervene alone before telling his men to intervene by making noise as Rodrik in episode 4 to capture Gryff. And before leaving for Ironrath, we would choose whether or not to take Sera and Tom with us because they would have helped Mira and they would no longer be safe in Port-Réal and if we choose choose all of this, as we should choose to have Sokka or Mira killed in battle like Rodrik and Asher in episode 5, one of the two would tell the other and also Sera and Tom (if we choose to take them) to flee with Mestre Ortengryn like Rodrik or Asher does it with Talia accompanied by Gwyn (if we choose to cancel the poison), Duncan or Royland and Ryon with Beshka.

  2. علیرضا سلطانی سیف

    قبلآ رو دی وی دی دیده بودم ارزش دوباره دیدن رو داره؟


    hey whats up guys watching movie want to try something before you watch game of thronehttps://youtu.be/19uv8BQyQys

  4. Gustavo Azevedo

    I just saw that the "game of thrones" (each season) has just 10 episodes..but each episod is almost 2 hours…. idk if i want to see that serie, i think i lost the interest on it…because its too long..

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