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Game of Thrones Episode 4: "The Spoils of War” Instant Take

Amid the freakishly delicious torrent of dragon fire and Dothraki blood showers, Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 revealed volumes about Arya Stark’s lethal abilities, Brandon Stark’s transformation, Cersei’s future plans, and the blossoming bond between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. It was an episode so grand, not even Internet pirates could sink it.

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24 Responses

  1. Tanya Brown

    The dagger is seen in a book in the citadel.It is a very important in the fight against the white walkers and the Night King. Bran gave the dagger to Arya for her protection…and as a clue about Little finger. Her display with Brienne was a clue for Sansa. Littlefinger is about to try to pit the Starks against one another…Arya can protect against this. She knows if she tells Sansa this she may tell Littlefinger.But if she let's Sansa figure it out,Lady Stark will use her as a tool gladly.

  2. Milton Avalos

    On first impression I thought the battle scene was well choreographed and nothing like the bungled action scenes on the water with the sand snakes and the Greyjoy fleet. With that being said, I have to agree that there was a degree of difficulty that should have been added to the Bronn shooting the Drogon in the shoulder. He's known as a swordsman but know he's a crack shot with a giant crossbow!? C'mon man! Overall I liked this episode even though the scenes with Brann (sic) were too slow and foreboding for me. Also, the Arya and Sansa scenes were great. Those that expected a hug it out and cry moment clearly did not watch season 1 when those two were are each other's throats. It's good to see the writers stayed true to that instead of embracing a juvenile writing style.

  3. JoeHooker11

    1. I'm glad that you guys actually caught the fact that the gold got to Kings Landing. Most people seem to have missed that fact.
    2. The scorpion is what the Dorne uses to take down one of Aegons dragons during his conquests so it's a proven weapon.

  4. Marius Azelas

    I think Arya is naturally perceptive and instinctual and she trusts those instincts. Remember how she saw the red witch for what she was, and I think her spider sense knows what Littlefinger is.

  5. Devynn Hageman

    This episode had greater spectacle, but Battle of the Bastards was better executed filmmaking. Both are incredibly awesome.

  6. Downrange Film

    Hey guys, listened to this running tonight, good job! How long do I have to write in? It's just something quick but also for future ref – 5 stars on iTunes also.

  7. Tzveta Manolova

    that battle scene was amazing, I was shaking the whole time and couldn't stop for a long time afterwards. It took my breath away, LITERALLY

  8. Erin Chassereau

    also, just look at Jamie's face while he's watching the destruction caused by the daughter of the mad king. He's seeing the mad king all over again and completely loses it at that point, and charges Drogon. Absolutely amazing

  9. LouisvilleUAV

    Danny was targeting supplies and equipment. The only frontline troops she burned was to crack the line for the dothraki. She learned her dragons are not invincible and she can be killed. The dragons fight better as a team. Dragon and the other two form a PanzerFist.

  10. Comrade Commissar Yuri

    Could arya now be Sansa or brans bodyguard? As who better to guard you from assassins than an assassin??

  11. Micah Klein

    I can't believe people said to do the instant cast early.. if you guys would of I would have had a hard time not unsubscribing.. good choice. You guys have great character and always enjoy your videos

  12. jackalackb17

    As much as its "a bit much" that none of the main characters have died this season, Jaime and Bronn still have unfinished stories that would be more unsatisfying to lose. Jaime in particular needs to meet Tyrion again and has to have a final moment with Cersei. There needs to be a reason or a foreshadowing.

    The main deaths in previous seasons were all heavily foreshadowed and caused (directly or indirectly) by the characters. Ned underestimated Cersei and we needed to learn that Joffrey was unstable. Rob broke his vow to the Freys and suffered for it. Catalyn might seem like a shock death, but in the books she returns, like Berick and Jon.

    I think Bronn (and possibly Jaime too) will be captured and Bronn will have to choose which Lannister brother he aligns himself with. Bronn might even be executed by Dany on screen as another signifier that she no longer trusts Tyrion.

    I was surprised last season that Davos survived the battle of the bastards, since it seemed like his story was over with the deaths of Shireen and Stannis, but I suppose the Iron Bank might still want to use him.

  13. JM E.

    Before the battle Tarly talked about the “last of the wagons”, the “head of the line” and “the tail”…. Quite some time has passed since the sack of High Garden, and the battle we saw is between all Dany’s Dothrakis and only the tail of Lannister’s army. So most of the food is already moving to King’s landing and probably close to it (as Gold already arrived)…

    Tarly’s lines are very important because it shows Dany only won a limited battle. It is far from a crushing victory… and Cersei still has the gold and the food from the Reach.

  14. Taylor Gayhart

    Bran sees things but not everything, he even says that he thought she was going to Kings Landing. Even with his site he's going to miss things.

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