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DEFINITELY Buy the NEW 2020 iPad Pro – Here's Why!

Apple has JUST released the 2020 iPad Pro in both 11″ and 12.9″ sizes. Here’s everything you need to know including why YOU should buy it instead of the 2018 model!
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Apple has just released the 2020 iPad Pro, and we’re getting ours in just a few days! It packs a new A12Z processor with 8-core graphics and a new thermal cooling design.

It also packs a dual-camera system with a 10MP Ultrawide and a 12MP main camera. It features the same 120hz ProMotion Liquid Retina Display.

It also comes with a brand new LiDAR scanner which greatly improves depth and object tracking for augmented reality.

It’s loaded with the latest specs and now, with iPadOS 13.4 coming out soon and bringing us full cursor and mouse support, Apple is also releasing the brand new Magic keyboard case.

This case features backlighting, pass-through charging and a new hinge design that allows your iPad Pro to float! It features a built-in trackpad and new scissor switch keys!

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37 Responses

  1. Max Tech

    Update: All 2020 iPad Pro models get 6GB of RAM.
    Do YOU think you are going to be buying the new 2020 iPad Pro instead of the 2018 model? Explain your decision in the comments!
    2020 iPad Pro on Amazon➡ https://geni.us/szIyM and at B&H ➡ https://bhpho.to/2xPMIkm
    2020 12.9" iPad Pro on Amazon➡ https://geni.us/N9qWR4W
    DISCOUNTED 2018 iPad Pro on Amazon➡ https://geni.us/srwC1X
    Old Smart Keyboard Folio ➡ https://geni.us/lQxL

  2. First Avenger

    They should call it as iPad Pro Pandemic Version. Make sure you wash it thoroughly when it ships from China. Stay Safe !!

  3. Isabella Blanc

    I don't know why nobody is getting excited for the LiDAR scanner. It would be game changer for the whole industry.

  4. The Maz

    I was so disappointed in this “upgrade “ such a bare minimum upgrade (I have the 2018 iPad ) there were rumors of them having a mini LED display and I was pretty pumped for it — but the stupid Liquid Retina display? Weak

  5. Robert Motión

    Dear Tim Cook:

    Law of diminishing marginal returns

    🤔 these words mean anything to you?
    (asking for a friend…)


  6. jaemin-ah

    soooo it’s possible that the base storage option for the 2020 iphones will be 128gb while still retaining the $699/$999 price point? sweet

  7. badboybarber1

    Apple could release a PAPER CLIP and there would still be some bloke making a video whilst having an orgasm about it.

  8. Adnan khan

    No buddy wants to buy this shit …
    Apple should make some toilet paper like ishit or like ipopo and sell it for 500$ for a six pack

  9. Kai H

    Look man we get apple now releases ipad every once in 2 years, but as for those who recently bought 2018 model yes including me! find this new ipad a very useless upgrade sorry thats the truth except you are a weird nerd who loves camera on an ipad!?!

  10. Joslyn Torres

    Don't listen to this guy. Buy the last gen. Its practically the same damn thing. And the keyboard will work with it. So yeah don't lksten to this guy.

  11. Kim Cruz

    Can I used cracked versions of adobe apps on this? Can this replace a laptop? I just wanted the procreate app that’s why I really want to buy this but’s that quite impractical buying a device for just the app..

  12. Jake Maggs

    It’s rumoured they’re prepping another iPad Pro for release in fall 2020 featuring the new A14X Chip & 5G. And since there really isn’t anything major about this iPad Pro compared to the 2018 model, I’m willing to keep my 2018 model until later this year and see what happens!

  13. polylife101

    My 2018 iPad came like 3 days ago. Tomorrow I’m gonna stop by AT&T and tell them I want a return and just get the new 2020 iPad. Great review, can’t wait to see when you get yours.

  14. RC Rocker

    Wow! you actually are REVIEWING the 2020 model and NOT giving us another 2018 review with misleading title?! holy fuck!

  15. Faxi

    Significant upgrade? Kind of…
    Significant enough to buy over 2018 model?

    If you own a 2018 model it's probably just as fine, the cameras are an upgrade yes… but that's mostly it and storage
    You're probably not going to feel the increase in performance from the "Z" chip, yes… in numbers might look better from benchmarks but it's going to be hard to notice at all since apps already run quite fluid and smooth with the 2018 model and 6GB it's a bit overkill unless you really strain the iPad with heavy productivity apps or being an artist that needs more layer count on Procreate.
    (6GB it's more future proof, but if you're constantly buying the new model each year that defeats the purpose)

    The LiDAR scanner looks great but is just for AR, there are not many apps that actually use it (unless you really need a super accurate AR sensor that suits your needs) and the current ones might need to be optimized for the new sensor

    Looks like Apple is focusing on the iPad more, and I like that! it's just that I was hoping for a better upgrade from the 2018 model, I hope to see bigger batteries, better displays and maybe some increase in durability.

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