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Chuzzle 2 Gameplay (by Raptisoft) Android/iOS

Chuzzle 2 by Raptisoft. (Android/iOS)

Fall back in love with a fuzzy, non-stop explosion of adorable Chuzzle matching action!

Slide and match colorful chuzzles, and watch them sneeze, shiver and explode with delight! But watch out for locks and other dangers as you take on dozens of Chuzzle challenges in your quest to funkify the universe!

Your pet Chuzzles are waiting for you to find them! Unlock them all to fill your very own Chuzzarium! Take a break to watch your Chuzzles swing, run, dance, eat, and play! Raptisoft’s ADO (artificial digital organism) technology makes your pet Chuzzles feel real!

So cuddle up with Puzzle fun — once you start popping Chuzzles, you won’t be able to stop!

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