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Chromecast 3 vs Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k – Which one to buy?

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Fire TV Stick 4K –

Wondering if should you buy Chromecast 3 or Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k?

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35 Responses

  1. Jayce France

    My phone and google home picked up on hey google and said ok playing bohemian rhapsody by panic at the disco then my google home started playing welcome to the black parade by my chemical romance

  2. Nishant Bhamre

    Well my google Android phone is not happy over the review been watched on Google YouTube discouraging to buy Google Chromecast over Amazon fire stick. And he did not pick up hey google… He is upset.. 😜

  3. Mohammed Natheer

    well, we cant compare them, Chrome cast is just for casting and the Amazon has it's wone OS ! it is like comparing a chair with a table

  4. Elite Salad

    Gonna have to give this video a dislike just because you missed a lot with both devices / got information wrong. It was hard to take the comparison seriously when I knew so much was incorrect.

  5. MyAkachi

    At 8:00, when you start listing their abilities and disabilities, it would be nice to have a side by side infographic appear on the video.

  6. songbird372 P

    I just put fire stick in bedroom and chromecast in livingroom lol! But I did stream about 45 minutes of life football on my fire stick and I couldn't get any games on my Chrome cast I may switch him and put the fire stick on the big TV said nightmare cut cutting the cord and getting used to it

  7. Sukhbir Sekhon

    Chromecast cheaper and does what it does well. but firestick does more although you have to be a bit more tech savvy. Bought my firestick last black Friday. Will be buying 2 more this black Friday to make all my tv's smart tv's.

  8. Karen Ivette Hernandez Preciado

    I would like to know if I can do mirroring on the fire tv with the Netflix application but on my cell phone, not in the fire tv applications …
    Thank you

  9. David Sargent

    I'd say blatantly bidaed toward fire stick… but having had both chromecast isnshit for anything other than easy office use

  10. SCRAMBY18

    So can i cast to the firestick?, not mirror my screen but actually play a movie from my phone? And use my phone while still playing the movie on the TV?

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