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Bánh Đúc Nóng – Steamed Rice Cake w/ Toppings

Bánh đúc is a Vietnamese steamed rice cake. It could be sweet or savoury. In Southern Vietnam, there is banh duc la dua (green pandan rice cake served with syrup) and banh duc tom chay (savoury one with shrimp floss toppings)
In northern Vietnam, bánh đúc is white in color and has a soft texture and mild flavour. It is typically garnished with savory ingredients such as ground pork and mushroom, fried shallot, and light dipping fish sauce.
If you love bánh cuốn (the Vietnamese steamed rice rolls) and Banh gio (the pyramid rice dumpling) but have no time and not enough patience and skill to make them. This is the one to go.
Ở Việt Nam món bánh đúc có thể mặn hoặc ngọt. Nếu như miền Nam có món bánh đúc lá dứa ăn với nước đường, bánh đúc tôm chấy thì miền Bắc có món bánh đúc nóng ăn với nhưn thịt băm và nấm mèo kèm nước mắm ngọt. Nếu bạn thích ăn bánh cuốn hoặc bánh giò nhưng không có đủ thời gian và kiên nhẫn để làm thì món bánh đúc này là sự lựa chọn tuyệt vời vì nó cực kì dễ và nhanh, mà hương vị cũng ngon không kém nhé.
►Ingredients: (serves 2)
50g white rice flour,
50g tapioca starch,
400ml water
1 tbsp vegetable oil
100g minced pork,
10g woodear mushroom,
2 pieces shiitake mushroom
1/3 tsp salt,
50g diced onion
1 tsp fish sauce
3 spring onion
4 shallots

Nguyên liệu cho 2 phần ăn gồm: 50g bột gạo, 50g bột năng, 400ml nước
1 ms dầu ăn, 100g thịt băm, 10g nấm mèo, 2 tai nấm hương
1/3 tsp muối, 50g hành tây., 1 tsp nước mắm
3 cây hành lá, 1 nhúm ngò, 4 củ hành tím

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26 Responses

  1. watermelon77640

    Great recipe! The only one thing is I found making the ‘banh duc’ with stove is so much easier than using microwave. I tried using microwave following the instruction twice but both failed (the mixture was not well cooked and scrumptious) until I tried using stove and it was successful. If u have a chance, maybe u can add/ edit that method in this video and it’d be perfect 🙂

  2. Chi Huong

    I know this is different but it made me think of pan fried radish cake fried with egg and top with scallion and dip with sauce I don't know the same but its almost like chili oil ,sugar ,and fish sauce, maybe also some vinegar? but its soon good. Do you know what it is? I always pick it up when I go to the local banh mi restaurant. I think its called Banh Cu Cai Chien but the sauce I like the most its so different from common Vietnamese sauce. if the sauce sounds familiar let me know ? it could be annatto oil because its not spicy just red color.

  3. Peth Phetphayvanh

    Hallo Helen,
    I'm Lao's people but I had eat and love Vietnam's food so much. I had follow a lot s recipes form you. Thanks for good recipes

  4. Daisy R

    Thank you Helen, I just made this and it was so scrumptious! I made a double patch and cooked it on the stove top and it turned out perfect!

    For those who wants to cook it on the stove: cook on med-low heat for 6-8 mins, stirring constantly, an extra 1/2 cup water was needed about 3 mins in. Once you notice almost all the lumps are disappearing turn off heat and remove from burner and continue stirring for another 1-2 minute and now it's ready to enjoy. I added fresh chopped scallions in the rice mixture too, it makes it so refreshing! Tip: you'll need some elbow grease while stirring the rice mixture too, for mine I didn't allow the rice mixture to sit for half an hour, the strong rice smell wasn't too strong once the mixture was ready to serve. I hope this helps!

  5. Daisy R

    Here's the converted version…you're welcome! Enjoy and I'm making these tomorrow, I just so happen to have all the ingredients, even the woodear mushrooms!

    1/4 cup white rice flour,
    1/4 cup tapioca starch,
    1 3/4 cup water
    1 tbsp vegetable oil
    3/4 cup minced pork,
    1/8 cup woodear mushroom,
    2 pieces shiitake mushroom
    1/3 tsp salt,
    1/4 cup diced onion
    1 tsp fish sauce
    3 spring onion
    4 shallots

  6. S Do

    Hi Helen! Love you! Is this vest served hot/warm or can I have it cold? If I have any left over should I warm it in the microwave again? Thank you!

  7. Taro MinHo

    Hi không biết chị có nghĩ tới ý tưởng nấu đồ ăn cho người vô gia cư không? Em nghĩ nên giúp người vô gia cư có một bữa ăn tử tế

  8. Amy Diveley

    Thank you for the recipe, Helen! I am excited to make it since I’m not good at making Banh coun or have the time.

  9. Shannon

    Hi, I've just back from a trip to Danang and I can't tell how wonderful it was! It will surely be my next holiday trip again in the future. Thanks Helen for recommending me such a good place to visit

  10. Doodah Gurl

    It does look very similar to banh cuon, but can never be as good as banh cuon. 🙂 Banh cuon isn't as wet/mushy/sticky, which I think is more appealing to me. And it looks nice somewhat seeing the filling in the rolls. Then again, this takes waaaay less time to make so definitely something to consider. LOL

  11. Diem Tran

    Một món ăn dân giả vừa ngon mà cũng thật dễ làm. Mang tiếng bánh đúc mềm mềm nhưng không chỉ đặc biệt dành cho phụ lão, răng cỏ đã yếu mà cũng là món ăn thật khoái khẩu cho người lớn và các bé. Và nhất là quý phụ nữ thường luôn ưa thích những món gì đi kèm với nước mắm được pha chế tinh tế để hít hà cảm nhận cái hương vị mằn mặn và cay xé đến nồng nàn… Cảm ơn Helen.

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