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10 Underrated RPGs You Need To Play

You’ve played God of War, the Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Breath of the Wild and now you want more?

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33 Responses

  1. Gaming Tonight

    Alpha Protocol failed with it's hacking, that few could manage! It was never patched or changed, so the game failed. Don't buy it unless you want to solve a sudoku problem in about 5 seconds! Also, Jade Empire was NOT an RPG! And the fact is, there are so many indie cRPG's released nowadays, you could just play them to the exclusion of any other genre with no problem!

  2. Eternal Darkness

    I'm watching this whilst playing Pillars of Eternity. Had never heard of it, but found it on PSnow. Great game.

  3. JoEYEleven *

    This video was excellent… after searching and seraching and seeing the same old titles your video actually managed to give me more insight into some of these games why these are true ACTUAL underrated rpgs… thanks you're a star…

  4. Kris Andersen

    The Gothic series was my favorite RPG series back in the day. 1 was great, and 2 was really good, too. The problems came in with Gothic 3. There were more bugs in that thing that a RAID test lab. I'd love for them to re-do the entire series for modern technology and graphics.

  5. Jp g

    I really wish I could make Kingdom of Amalur 2. The reason it failed. Pause button setup. Handcrafting was just so-so. You shouldn't have a button for Block you shouldn't have a button for run that's not L-3. And you shouldn't have a sneak button. They could have made the d-pad loadout presets. Use the triggers and bumpers to bring out new loadout for your regular buttons X O square triangle. You had 16 different skills you could learn but you can only use 4 at a time. Or turn on critical chance up and poison on then try those two back out for two others. So you got to on permanently which takes your maximum MP down a little. And now you have 4 skills you can use. But I have 16. Are we didn't design it in the way you could use 16 but you could get 16 to use. Lime smithing well I'm a master smith. right?!
    Well why can't I make unique armor. Or weapons or accessories and better yet why can't I make set armor and weapons and accessories. The closest anyone has ever came to this was Skyrim. You could just enchant it towards a certain desired effect. But you still didn't get a set bonus. oh and if the level cap was 100 instead of 60. I might not have maxed out 2/3 to the game. That's all they had to do. with the different types of weapons they should have different types of martial arts. So you can have more combos with switching out weapons and fighting styles. Boom Kingdom of Amalur 2 just got made that easy. Storyline well since you messed up the weave now you have to fix it. There's a new God in town.

  6. Fallenknightray

    Wack list. Clearly no clue. Alpha protocol was a terrible game. Under rated RPG of all time so far has to go to dragons dogma. Also my opinion too human. Was actually looking forward to the trilogy… Never ment to be.

  7. KAI

    i don't think this person has a clue on rpg's let alone what underrated means, naming games like risen and alpha protocol, they weren't underrated they just straight up sucked, divinity original sin was never underrated it had a massive kick start, and no dragon's dogma mention like wtf!! it was so underrated and just recently got a bigger following thanks to the remastered version of it. the only real underrated games here is jade empire and kingdom of amalur which 100% was over shadowed by skyrim if i recall which i found was way better than skyrim.

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